About Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is a celebrity hairstylist and interior designer, born in White Plains, New York. Kevin grew up in an artistic family which sparked his love for creativity at an early age. Graduating from Pratt Institute with a BA in Interior Design, Kevin strives to create tailor-made experiences that are both luxurious and comfortable. His mission is to provide clients with spaces that reflect their personality while also adhering to their needs. 
"I love a transformation, seeing the amazing potential in a person or space, and being the vessel to take them there."  - Kevin Jackson
As a hair stylist Kevin Jackson specializes in the needs of people with alopecia. He believes it's important for his clients to not only look their best, but feel their best too. Kevin has traveled around the world doing what he loves most, making others feel beautiful. His work has brought him into contact with celebrities, public figures, and influencers who have chosen him as their stylist.
Kevin is committed to continuing this lifelong career giving every client the utmost level of care and attention they deserve.